Code Of Conduct For Players

Sundridge Allstars supports the English FA’s Respect Campaign, which aims to improve behaviours in junior and youth football in England. Football should be a fun, enjoyable and positive experience for everyone involved. It is therefore important that we all promote and improve good behaviour on and off the pitch. Get behind your team and play your part by respecting the following our Code of Conduct for Young Players. As a member of the Sundridge Allstars you need to agree to do the following:

  • Encourage, support and co-operate with my team mates
  • Not to bully or make anyone feel sad or unhappy
  • Show respect and fair play to my opponents
  • Play within the rules of the game, not to cheat or waste time
  • Respect my coach and listen to what my coach tells me
  • Respect officials and accept all decisions without question  
  • Not to make nasty comments about a team mate, another player/team or coach/manager on any website or social networking site.
  • Tell my Club Welfare Officer or someone I trust if I feel unhappy, uncomfortable or concerned about anything

You should also understand that breaking the Code of Conduct may lead to your coach.

  • Asking you to apologise to your team-mates, other players, officials or coach
  • Removing you from the training pitch or game for a period of time
  • Talking to your parents about your behaviour

If you break the Code of Conduct lots of times, the Addiscombe All-Stars Committee could suspend you for a period of time, or ask you to leave the club, although this would certainly be a last resort.


For more information take a look at what the FA have to say at